16th Annual Clawbies–Now Open for Nominations!

What’s in store for you this December? Regardless of where you call home (or what the next pandemic variant is) it’s probably fair to say things are still looking a little different AGAIN this year.

Maybe you’re cautiously optimistic about spending the holidays in person with friends and family. Or you’re still working remotely (a little too comfortable in your athleisure?) and itching to get back to an office with real people. Or maybe you’re marking the end of 2021 with some long-awaited travel!

Whatever your plans are, it will be of great comfort to know there is one thing about this December that will be the same as the past 15 Decembers… it’s Clawbies season!

Once again we’re asking for a few moments of your time to engage in that time-honoured, good vibes-generating, uplifting tradition of telling the world (or at least, the internet) all about your favourite Canadian legal content creators.

That’s right–the Canadian Law Blog Awards are here for our 16th year of being 100% pandemic-proof!

Ready to participate? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s eligible to win?

The Clawbies celebrate free online Canadian legal content. It’s all fair game: blogs, podcasts, videos, social accounts, legal newsletters, platform commentary, CanLII Connects, whitepapers, and beyond.

How can I participate?

Tell us who made the world a little better with their content in 2021. What content helped you see something in a new way or grow as a professional? Saved your bacon with exactly the  information you were looking for? Or compelled you to engage or share?

Using your Twitter account (with hashtag #clawbies2021) or law blog, help us identify your best of 2021.

As usual, there are only two rules, but they’re important. .

Rule #1 (aka “the humble Canadian rule”):

Do not nominate your own publication or project for a Clawbie. It doesn’t work that way. The only surefire way of getting your work on our radar is to write a post about other commentary authors. Follow this rule and we’ll take a look at your work too!

Rule #2:

Nominate up to 3 digital publications or authors via blog post or tweets (again – don’t forget to use #clawbies2021). Please include a brief explanation of why you think those authors deserve an award!

Are there prizes?

There are no prizes (or invoices!), but winners are welcome to bask in the warm glow of appreciation and admiration from their peers, and get a badge to add to their website. Everyone who participates benefits from a little boost in exposure, and is often making someone’s day.

(Also: there is no Zoom or hand sanitizer involved. Isn’t that reward enough these days?)

Sound good? Then let’s go!

From now until the end of the day on December 17th, nominate generously and humbly, and then tune in on New Year’s Eve for the 2021 Clawbies winners reveal.

Happy nominating!

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