The Canadian Law Blog Awards, a.k.a. the Clawbies, are a project started back in 2006 with the goal of highlighting great blogs published by the Canadian legal industry.  While final results are released each year on New Year’s Eve, we continue to emphasize that the most important part of the process are the nominations. So please take part!

Our goal each year is to inspire ‘social endorsements’ for those Canadians who invest their time blogging about the law, or the legal industry in general. So whether by post or by tweet, those endorsements will continue to factor in our award decisions. We will again review blogs listed at lawblogs.ca, but ultimately prefer people tell us publicly which law blogs they are reading, and why they are important.

The Clawbies are intended to be a showcase of Canadian legal blogging, and to promote a sense of community. So please don’t take the ‘awards’ part too seriously; it’s intended to be a ‘fun’ end-of-year event.


– Steve Matthews

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