Nominations Open for 2010 Clawbies

It’s that time of year again! Time to start nominating your favourite Canadian law blogs from 2010!

The Canadian Law Blog Awards, a.k.a. the Clawbies, started back in 2006 with the sole intention of creating exposure for the great blogs published by the Canadian legal industry. The results will again be released on New Year’s Eve, but as we strongly state each year, the “true value” of these awards is found in the nomination process.

The social nature of our peer endorsement process — whether by blog post or by tweet — plays a key role in the award decisions. Each blog listed at will receive consideration under criteria qualities such as post frequency, audience engagement, topic originality, and blog-to-blog references or citations. But if you really want to influence things … remember to write a blog post! Tell the world which Canadian law blogs you’re reading!

How to Nominate in 2010:

This year’s nominations deadline is Tuesday, December 28th, and the methods remain the same as in previous years. Publicly nominate a Canadian-authored law blog using ANY of the following:

  1. Tweet your endorsement on with the hashtag text: #clawbies2010. We’ll be monitoring!
  2. Email your favourite blog, including a couple sample posts or any other notable highlights, to Steve Matthews at We’d prefer a public nomination, but this is still acceptable.
  3. Write a blog post about three other Canadian law blogs you currently read, and tell us why those blogs were important in 2010. Our usual rules apply: you must be a humble Canadian and tell us NOTHING about your own blog. In return, we promise both the nominator’s blog and the nominee blogs will receive a thorough review. Plus, you get a chance to plug a fellow Canadian blogger!

Our award categories will remain the same, so no need to suggest new ones — we prefer to figure out that part ourselves. We would, however, appreciate suggestions for US & European law blogs that pay attention to the Canadian legal blogosphere — or a good sleeper pick that’s completely off our radar.

Enjoy your 2010 nominating! And watch for the 2010 Clawbies coming out on New Year’s Eve!!

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